It’s Friday, I’m in love…

@mkgv Mark Gavillet

Hey, guys.

Here’s another big fifty. New stuff from St. Vince, Wolf Parade, Knox Fortune, Alex Lahey, Alvvays, Ratboys, Photay, Daphni, Blondes, Beck, Hundred Waters, Four Tet, Ibeyi, dvsn, Porches, Julien Baker, Angel Olsen, and Belle & Sebastian. Old stuff from the Britpop’s central rivals, Talking Heads, early Stereolab, and later Radiohead.

The intern razzed me a bit on Tuesday about the length of these playlists. I get it. I’ve said before that tl;dr is a thing, so tl;dl probably is, too. Still, these playlists are meant to soundtrack long drives and weekends. I never expect folks (not even my best friend) to get thru them in one sitting. Play, pause, and play again when you have time. I’ve done the hard work of curation. Your part is easy. Just enjoy.

The header image is by Mark Gavillet (@mkgv on Ello). Thanks to him.

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Tambo Tuesday


Hello, people.

They’re letting me do another playlist! The first one outperformed most of JF’s crazy-long (sorry, boss – they are) Friday ones, haha.

I’m supposed to describe why these songs are important to me. Some are, some aren’t.  I listened to the older songs in college. My freshman roommate *loved* Ween, and my x-gf was sorta into the jamband scene, so I know that stuff a bit. And I listen to the newer songs in the car. Pop music makes traffic disappear, right?? Jk. I don’t know much about this Post Malone guy, except that he’s pretty big and his music is pretty decent.

Next time, I might talk about some of my coworkers. They’re an interesting bunch, lol. They think I’m super preppy, especially Jane the Barber. She’s awesome. Hence, the header image is madras plaid for her.

Thanks for listening!



Grateful Dead Monthly: Winterland – San Francisco, CA 10/17-18,20-22/78

Road Trips - From Egypt With Love Cover Art

For five nights in October 1978, the Grateful Dead played Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, California.


Initially named the New Dreamland Auditorium, Winterland was built in 1928 for a then-astronomical $1 million as an ice-skating rink and multi-purpose venue. Beginning in 1966, Bay-area rock impresario Bill Graham booked concerts there. The Dead debuted at Winterland in 1967 and closed it on New Years 1978-79. (That final show has been officially released as The Closing of Winterland.)


Several months earlier, in September 1978, the band traveled to Giza, Egypt for three shows.  According to Wikipedia, they played in an open-air theater east of the Great Sphinx, and the final night’s performance coincided with a total lunar eclipse.  In his memoir, Searching for the Sound, bassist Phil Lesh recalled that, during the shows, he observed

“an increasing number of shadowy figures gathering just at the edge of the illuminated area surrounding the stage and audience – not locals, as they all seem to be wearing the same garment, a dark, hooded robe. These, it turns out, are the Bedouin, the nomadic horsemen of the desert: drawn in by the music and lights. Each night they remained to dance and sway rhythmically for the duration of the show.”

And in his memoir, Deal, drummer Bill Kreutzmann quipped that “Egypt instantly became the biggest, baddest, and most legendary field trip that we took during our entire thirty years as a band. It was priceless and perfect and, at half a million dollars, a bargain in the end. Albeit, a very expensive bargain.”

Highlights of the second and third shows have been officially released as Rocking the Cradle. The Dead opened the first two shows and the second set of the third with “Ollin Arageed,” a composition by Egyptian oud player Hamza El-Din, a world-music figure who reportedly influenced drummer Mickey Hart.


A few weeks later, rested and ready to play, the Dead returned to Winterland for five nights – a run that has become known as From Egypt with Love.


As a whole, the shows are uneven – typical for 1978, as I mentioned in July in the Red Rocks writeup. But there are definite highlights.


GD guru ECM notes that the band was promoting their new album, Shakedown Street, which was well represented throughout the run.  The first night included the rarely played If I Had the World To Give out of the sorta-well-known “Banjo Lesson Space.”  The second night featured Danish harmonica player and War co-founder Lee Oskar on Drums > Space, and closed with a strong Truckin’ and a I Need a Miracle encore. The third night is somewhat forgettable.

Winterland - October 1978

The fourth night is much better.  El-Din joined the band for the Ollin Arageed opener, and Oskar returned for the post-Space cover of Got My Mojo Workin’. Ed mentions the “heavy metal ending to The Other One,” and calls the Stella Blue one of the best ever.  Finally, the fifth night is fantastic throughout: Another Ollin first-set opener, a hot Scarlet > Fire second-set opener, and a 21-minute Not Fade Away with guitarist and Quicksilver Messenger Service founder John Cippollina that ventured into Caution and Mojo.


Portions of the last two nights have been officially released as part of the Road Trips series. That’s on Spotify.

Charlie Miller transfers of the soundboards are on the Live Music Archive.

Transport to 10/17/78 HERE.

Transport to 10/18/78 HERE.

Transport to 10/20/78 HERE.

Transport to 10/21/78 HERE.

Transport to 10/22/78 HERE.

Don’t forget to check out Ed’s amazing Instagram account @31daysofdead.  And a Happy Birthday shout to my biggest kid. Have a great day, BTL! See you this weekend.

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It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys.  How’s life?

Here’s this week’s playlist. New stuff from L7, Wolf Alice, Tennis, Wye Oak, Sharon Van Etten, The War on Drugs (Spotify Single), First Aid Kit, Belly, and Ratboys.  There’s also a nice instrumental segment featuring Toronto’s Do Make Say Think and Montreal’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Enjoy!

This week’s header image is from Ello, but I didn’t note the artist. Apologies.

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Tambo Tuesday


Yo Yo Yo. What’s up, brethren and sisteren?

My name’s Trevor Ambercrombie. Call me Tre, please. I’m the LN NKOTB (Liner Notes New Kid on the Block) … or intern.

So, about me? I’m 22. I grew up in suburban Cleveland, and just graduated from the Ohio State University (Go Bucks) with a B.A. in Communications – New Media and Communication Tech or COT, to be precise. I worked at the radio station there, and ran its street team junior and senior year. I plan to start a similar program at the blog as part of its outreach team.

I *LOVE* music, all kinds. I used to tell my x-gf that I’m a musical omnivore. It’s true. I dig pop, rock, whatever. Old and new, it’s all good.

The LN head honchos (JF and OM, hey) said that I could post a short playlist on a day when the blog is normally pretty quiet. Here’s the first one! I called it Tambo Tuesday after an old nickname that my college roommates used. Plus, tambourine?! It’s like the working person’s cowbell. Thematically, I had to kick it off with the Byrds. And I found a totally decent Eve song, too. The rest is all classic – stuff I liked at school.  Oh, and the oddballs make sense. JF calls me the “New Kid,” but I always preferred Backstreet to New Kids 😛 And I just saw the new Blade Runner flick – super good. The Elvis song plays a key role, believe it or not. I was supposed to keep it to ten songs or less – couldn’t help the extra. Turn it to 11, amirite?

Anyway. It’s cool to make your virtual acquaintance. I hope to hear from your “below the line,” as they say. And I hope to keep this up. (Oh, that picture at the top isn’t me. JF razzed me about popped collars the other day, haha.)

Peace out,


It’s Friday, I’m in love…



Here’s this week’s playlist. New stuff from Hundred Waters, Ratboys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cults, Belle & Sebastian, Blondes, Moses Sumney, Luna, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Wye Oak, Angus & Julia Stone, liv (a Lykke Li-helmed supergroup), Girl Ray, Offa Rex (a Decemeberists project), and Emily Haines. Old stuff by some other artists. And, quick note: The lead track and the Fergie track have parental advisories for language.

This week’s header image is by @whlgmood on Ello. Thanks.

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