Tambo Tuesday – Thanksgiving Edition


Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve!

Or Blackout Wednesday Eve, haha. Yeah, that’s what we called tomorrow when I was in school. People would come home for the holiday, and meet at local bars. (True fact: Fake ids work alot better in small towns, or even the burbs where I grew up.) We’d share high-fives and hugs, trade funny high school stories and you-had-to-be-there college stories, and drink like amateur vets. We’d get absolutely schnockered, and somehow get home to sleep it off. Then wake up too late, but also way too early, to the sounds and smells of Turkey Day.

I honestly don’t know if it’ll be like that anymore, now that I’ve graduated and started working. Hopefully? I fly out in the morning, and my sis is picking me up at the airport, and we have plans to hit a few watering holes later that night. She says that Mom is stressed about dinner b/c Aunt Amazing and Uncle Douchey aren’t getting along, Uncle Whatever is bringing his new gf and her kids, and Gram is bringing her delicious (it’s not, inside joke) jello-mold salad and insisting that the bird goes into the oven at 8 a.m. Not happening, if I have a vote, but game on 🙂

Here’s a quick eleven. The bosses told me that I could post something fun.

Have a great T-Day. I have so much to be thankful for. (For which to be thankful, right Jane?) To my co-workers, thanks for being so nice to noob-me. To my fam, thanks for always being there. And to my homies, thanks for not telling that story about the bonfire from a few years ago. (Preemptive thanks. Please don’t bring that up again, guys. Especially not tomorrow night. It’s really not that hilarious. The hair on my ankles still hasn’t grown back.)




IFIILO Time Machine #2


I made this playlist for my best friend in late 2010. It was an actual audio cd, so there are a lot fewer tracks than most of these Friday playlists. And that’s the original cover by me. Autumnal, yeah? I’m a whiz with construction paper.

I don’t really remember this one, specifically. I remember the series. It was the second one, and each had a key lyric. The first series didn’t have cool covers. It was just a cd with a boring laser printed tracklist in the mail every week. I burned the discs at my awesome, but lonely, little house on a cul de sac in the NW suburbs, and went to the post office by my office every Wednesday. I wanted her to get a package in time for the weekend, with old and new music and whatever else made it into the padded envelope (usually a pack interesting chewing gum). The point, I guess, was to show her that I was a person she could count on.

She got the point well enough that she married me a few years later. Thanks, babe.

Anyway, I’ll try to get the first series onto Spotify and then LN in the future. For now, here’s what was titled PL 2.1.

As I’ve told you, the regular playlists and posts about them are on hiatus until after Turkey Day. I’ll do a BIG one or two then, and take another break to do year-end listening.

More soon.


Tambo Tuesday



So New York was great. The city itself, obviously. But the conference was amazing, too. I met so many people who are really passionate about listening to music, and dialoging (that word was new to me, but it came up alot – as in, creating a dialog) about it. From the folks at bigger sites – Pitchfork and Paste, as well as Brooklyn Vegan, Consequence of Sound, Drowned in Sound, and The Line of Best Fit – to the folks at smaller, but still totally sweet, sites like ours. I can’t tell you how many new contacts that I have in my phone, haha. I’m now on a group text with a dude who runs a blog about Shoegaze and dudette (I went there) who runs a blog about Sassy magazine and features playlists of stuff it featured back in the ’90s.

Speaking of the ’90s, this week’s playlist is thematic. It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to dedicate my eleven to her. My mom is my best friend, and always will be. If that makes me a mama’s boy, then fine. She and my dad split up when I was a little kid. Fights about money, mostly, I guess. She was a single parent (header image, yo) at a young age, but always busted her ass to raise me and my big sis. I can’t imagine what that was like back then for her – schlepping us to school and games and music lessons and other activities. In the car, we always listened to her music – aka, Mombs Jambs. Here’s sort of a “Best Of.”

Love you, Ma. (She hates it when I call her that, but whatevs, lol.) HBD! And to you and all the Moms, thanks. You made us what we are, literally.

Apparently, we’re on hiatus blog-wise. It’s like the calm before the storm, as they say, around the office. OM is still on the road. He’s back Thursday, thank jah. So JF and JTB (Jane the Barber – funny nickname bc her real name is actually Jane Barbour and she cuts her friends’ hair for fun) have been in the conference room this week making chalkboard lists of what they call “possibles,” which is LN-speak for records that may make the 2017 Top 20. Scribble something, wipe it off. Rinse, repeat, ugh. I randomly poked my head in there and whispered “Reputation?” As in T-Swift’s new one – I’m an unapologetic Swiffer, yo. JTB tossed an eraser at me and told me to fix my hair, lol. My hair was ok, and she missed. So Receptionist Devin (sweet dude) had to spend ten minutes wiping chalk dust off the glass door. #chalkdusttorture? +10 for the Phish ref, OM??

Yeah. Imma try to sneak in a Turkey Day playlist next week. If it gets deleted by the higher-ups, sobeit.

OH. Oh. Oh, snap x3. I have totally forgotten to inform y’all about my NYC dinner “date” with someone. Smh. I’ll leave it at that, and explain later.



It’s Friday, I’m in love…

Designgraphik (@designgraphik on Ello)

Hey, guys.

A late Friday playlist. This time, lots of old stuff – YLT, Television, The Stooges, Swervedriver, Wire, Autechre, Radiohead, Tortwahs, Tom Waits, and Tom Russell & Johnny Cash. New stuff, too – Superchunk, Tennis, Widowspeak, Angus & Julia Stone, James Holden & The Animal Spirits, Kelela, Kllo, Lee Ranaldo, and Mavis Staples. And new old stuff! Reissue material from Bob Dyla, Wilco, and R.E.M.

The header image is by Design Graphik (@designgraphik on Ello). Beautiful. Thanks.

And thanks to all who have served our country. Happy Veterans Day to you.

As I’ve mentioned, LN is on hiatus until after Thanksgiving. Next week in this space, there will be a throwback playlist. Then a big one featuring 70 songs from the ’70s. And then it’ll be another short break while we finish our year-end listening and listing.

More soon.


Tambo Tuesday

gotham-7-5k-photo-project-soars-above-new-york-at-night-4 (1)

What. Is. Up.

Just a quick check-in from the Big Apple. Near the end of day two of the MLOG Conference. It’s been really cool. I always planned to do CMJ when I was in college, but junior year when a concrete plan was finally coming together, my friend at the radio station had a car thing. Long story, but the punchline was “No transpo.” Suuucked. Still sorta pissed at campus police about that fiasco.

Anyway, I’m here. I attended a few presentations, which were boring, and a few breakout sessions, which were much better. Some got pretty intense, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Ur boi, right? Did a little light networking during the day before a lotta heavy netwerking into the night. (Yeah, that’s right. I love to shake my booty. What’s wrong with that??) Jk. OM has our skedj locked down, so we haven’t gone out yet – hopefully, tonight? I’d dig seeing that guy unwind a bit before he’s gotta go coast to coast for another deal. If you’re wondering about my x-gf, we have a solid dinner date, not just coffee. Like me, she’s tied up with work stuff, so an evening meetup worked better. Fine by me! Really excited to see her and talk to her tomorrow.

Two things that I wanted to tell you.

  1. OM is freaking great at his job. His presentation was by far the hit of the first day. People just seem to relate to him – it’s hard to describe. His speaking style is familiar and really warm. Like he’s an old friend, just chatting. And then the POINT gobsmacks you, and you’re all … wow. He’s a bit of a rock star at this conference, tbh. People keep asking if he’s ready for the big leagues, and he keeps saying no way (what’s bigger than LN).
  2. The terrorist attack here last week was bullshit. (Sorry for the swear, JF.) Driving a rented truck into a crowd? That’s a thing in the U.S. now?? Smh, weak. Even in the wake of such a tragedy, the spirit of this place is amazing. I’m an Ohioan, but I’ve srsly felt so connected to NYC this week. That’s probably pretty normal, to feel like that. Idk. Amazing city. And this playlist, obv, is a tribute to it. (Funny Slack message from Jane yesterday: “I know you’re pry planning a cheese-ass New York playlist. Don’t blow it, dork. And make sure to use The Magnetic Fields’ Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side.” Got it, thanks.) There’s a new T-Swift track, too. You know I’m lobbying to do that review. Oh, and, hey. The Alicia Key’s version of Empire State of Mind is nowhere near as good as the Jay-Z version, but #becauseTidal.

Back in the office on Friday. Wish me luck for the rest of trip 🙂



Felsen – Vultures on Your Bones


Felsen is back. And they still love you. (Inside joke. Felsen (Loves You) was the title of their 2010 ep.)

The Bay-area ensemble has a new record in the can – Blood Orange Moon, which will show up late January. Their new single, “Vultures on Your Bones,” dropped today.

The brains and braun behind Felsen is Andrew Griffin. (He’s holding a pineapple up top.) Full disclosure: I’ve known AG since junior high. He and I played club and school soccer for years, and graduated together. We sorta shared some circles of people back then, but we were always cool. We drifted apart, and reconnected around the time that my best friend found me.

AG is great. One of the best guys that I’ve ever known, and definitely one of the best musicians. He and I have a longer interview/chat thing planned for the new year, which will hopefully touch on his story and the day-to-day of a local rock band. For now, here’s a thumbnail of the single.

It’s super pretty. The finger-picked intro will draw you in. You can hear a few of his influences: Jeff Tweedy, George Harrison, Alex Chilton. The opening line – “I want to live where culture kills machines, and decent melodies will haunt you in your dreams” – is timely, but I’m partial to the end. “We’re stardust, you and me.” Hell yeah. The production is spot-on, and there’s a really fantastic rock-ish release with the guitar solo.

You can download the single on their Bandcamp page HERE. Or via the widget below.

It’s also streaming at Magnet Magazine online HERE.

More soon.


It’s Friday, I’m in love…

@brazilianhardware (1)

Hey, guys.  Happy November.

This week’s playlist features new stuff from Colleen, The Dodos, Porches, Frankie Rose, Ratboys, The Orielles, Tune-Yards, Cut Copy, Fever Ray (!), Flock of Dimes, Blondes, Lomelda, First Aid Kit, R.E.M. (unreleased Automatic for the People demo), and Van William.

The header image is by @brazilianhardware on Ello.  Thanks for that.

Enjoy the music and a few days off. Schedule-wise, my plan is to do the usual weekly post and playlist next week, then take a short break until after Thanksgiving. I have a few odd things in the works, but they may wait for 2018. And the LNHQ chalkboard has year end lists on it. Yay.

More soon.