It’s Friday, I’m in love… (The ’80s)

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Hi. Happy Friday, guys.

That’s my brother on the left and me on the right in a pic from the Vidette-Messenger, our local paper, from 1984. That year, he and I both won a national radio playwrighting contest. Over a long weekend, we flew to Washington, D.C., watched professional actors perform our stuff for a live NPR broadcast hosted by Aileen Quinn, flew to NYC and appeared on the Today Show for a quick Q&A with Jane Pauley, and came home to Valpo. Fifteen minutes over.

The production company for the radio plays was called Childrens Radio Theater, and its archives, including “Bill” and “The Lucky One” are currently in the Library of Congress. Its principals were/are amazing, and continue to be daily inspirations to me. (Dottie, Joan, and David: Thanks for showing a dippy, dreamy kid from Indiana, who was way too into Duran Duran, that being creative and liberal is cool. You changed my life. I love you guys.)

Jane (we’re on a first-name basis still, I think) ended the segment by saying, “You’ll be hearing from them.” She was obviously foreshadowing this blog because I’ve done sweet f.a. since then. Except for the big stuff, like having kids and marrying my best friend.

Like many of you, she and I were born in the ’60s, grew in the ’70s, and pubertied in the ’80s. Life was good and bad, just like the music that was so important to us back then. Today’s playlist, the first in an occasional series, features songs from a misremembered (not unremembered) time. Fwiw, I had most of this stuff on cassette.

Have a great day, best friend wife. I love you so much that I promise the next ’80s playlist will have tons more Def Leppard. XO 😉

More soon.




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