It’s Friday, I’m still in love…


(Thanks for asking.)

Hi, guys.

So how were your summers? Good? Didya travel? Visit a beach or two? See any shows?

Me? Well, lemme tell you. The German music blog fest was cray. Like full on. OM and I met some cool folks there, then decided to take a break and make it continental summer. Prague was Prague. The Croatian coast is amazing. Greece, that’s a story for another time. Bloggers in Sicily are great; bloggers in Malta aren’t. The Riviera fortnight was a blur, and the Catalan thing was a blurrier blur. After that, we hit up, hm, other places? Capitals, mostly, I think. (Actually, the JF and the RK have pictures. Yep, mostly capitals, seems like. Monuments. And bars. Lots and lots of bars.)

Apparently, LN is a big deal. So we got comped by an oligarch from idek where over to the Rio Olympics. Chilled with Lochte that one night – bailed on him when he said he was gonna “go off.” Met Costas, met Seacrest, some Brazilian folks (Neyman, btw, I still have your left shoe). The header pic is some building down there that they didn’t quite finish. Oh well.

Game on when we got back stateside. Moved a kid to a great house, moved another kid to to an amazing sophomore-year house. Got two other kids backpacked and ready for seventh and fourth grade. Reroofed the garage, fixed the deck. (This is just me, O, feel free to add.) Oh, and Pitchfork Fest was ok, and Michigan’s west coast is beautiful. Pshew.

Where did I leave off with this damn blog, anyway? Around the IFIILO 18 playlist, apparently. Plenty of catching up. I’ll update this, but here’s IFIILO 30. New Okkervil River, old Olivia, new Wilco and Jim James, old XX. Some bouncy pop and balearic stuff in the middle, and a fun punky segment at the end.  Enjoy, and Happy Friday 🙂

More soon.