It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys.

Some tech issues with last week’s reggae-ish playlist. I couldn’t get the header image into a Facebook post. Figured that out – it’s up on the f social network now, and the birdy one. Insta and Ello soon.

This week? Newness! Julie Byrne, Father John Misty (excited for that record), Fleet Foxes (remember them), Laura Marling (swoon), Tennis, Ride, Parquet Courts, Clark, Lorde (wait for it, it’s good after the intro), and Spoon. And Ryan Frickin Adams, who’s new thing is so sad and heavy, that I have to use a guilty-pleasure pass and give it an enthusiastic rec. But then I think the Boss’ Tunnel of Love is unappreciated.

Anyway. There’s other flotsam and jetsam-some old, some new, some bouncy even. A big poppy segment in the middle of this one.

Enjoy. And have a nice couple days off the grind.

More soon.



One thought on “It’s Friday, I’m in love…

  1. Good call on Parquet Courts! Is Tunnel of Love unappreciated? Not by me. I haven’t listened to anything of Springsteen’s since then, though.


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