It’s Friday, I’m in love…

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Hey, guys.

Back again with another playlist. LN has become basically a repository for the weeklies  that I make for my best friend. At some point (around the time that OM decides that real life isn’t as fun as pretend life as a music journalist), there might be more editorial content. For now, it’s another 45 tracks.

This time, let’s start with an oddity in the Eagles discography. (I’m an unapologetic E-fan.)  “In the City” was on The Long Run, but before that Joe Walsh recorded a slightly different, and better, version for The Warriors soundtrack. A formative movie for many guys my age, who grew up in the ’70s. In that vein, there’s some Steely Dan, Supertramp, Stevie, Sly, Curtis, and Marvin.

There’s also newness from Frank Ocean (whoa, so great), Future, Jens Lekman, Sylvan Esso, Bing & Ruth, and the Shins, as well as a nice Dylan cover from Whitney. And if you haven’t deep-dived into the Decemberists’ reissue of The Crane Wife, do that. It’s a classic, and “The Perfect Crime #1” is an outtake gem.

Have a great weekend!

More soon. It’ll pry be another playlist. OM is bouncing that ball against the wall, but I have a feeling he’s on a day-job call.



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