It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys.

Hold on, ugh.

: kicks office wall , twice :

OM is still tossing that ball. I’m gonna just assume that this call is with Jimmy Iovine, and LN will soon become the official music blog of Apple Music. Which…well. There would be a sellout convo. And my keep-it-pure/we-built-this-thing-dude position would pry lose. And that would be ok. The payout would be sweet, and I’m not against the idea of Cupertino swag.

Hold on, again.

: pm’s OM; asks, if that’s really Jimmy Iovine, get me a generation two watch to monitor fitness or something :

Anyway. Hey, hi. How are you? I feel like we never talk. Because we don’t? I post these weird three-hour playlists, and you listen or don’t, and weeks pass, and…and, yeah. We never talk.

Do you like these playlists? It’s ok if you don’t. Just say so. We (I) aim to please. This time, it’s a lot of rock. If you had an edgy boutique business of some sort, this would sound great on whatever bluetooth solution that you settled on.

OMF, that new Crystal Fairy song kills. I mean, really – a song called “Crystal Fairy” from an album called Crystal Fairy by a band called Crystal Fairy? That’s amazing. Beach Slang pretending to be Dramarama. A middle-period Billy Pumpkin song that I can’t get out of my head. New Spoon and the Courtneys. Old Stereolab. New the Orielles (whoa, nice debut single), Portugal. The Man, Los Campesinos!, Old 97’s, and Ryan frickin Adams. Oh, and the Pissed Jean’s track is super offensive, but funny. #irony

As always, have a great weekend. Enjoy the tunes. Or blow this off. Whatever. It’s just a vanity project, until OM gets off the phone. (I’m gonna be super pissed if he was only talking to his mom.)

Re: the header image…it’s from Ello, but I forgot to note the artist. So if you’re the artist, and you happen across this backwater WordPress post, hmu. I’ll edit social media and tell everyone that your stuff is amazing.

More soon.



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