It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys.

Hope you all had good M-F’s. Here’s the usual 45 for your S-S’s.

The highlight is the new Feist track, featuring Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) – amazing, as you might expect. Also new Spoon and Shins, new Kendrick and Drake, that Julia Michaels song, and a tautologic single from Woods.

The rest is a mix of older stuff, including a rock-ish segment toward the beginning that ends with a tiny preview of next week’s vintage psych-rock explosion. Yep. If you dig ’60s music and know your Nuggets from your Moby Grapes, stay tuned.

Header image: Guido Chiabrera (@guidochiabrera on Ello). Really like that. Probably should’ve saved it for an all-glitch playlist. Or a playlist of video game music for my only teenage kid. Oh, well.

Have super-duper weekends.

More soon.



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