It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys. How’s stuff?

Here’s the weekly 45. This one came together sorta by accident.

Have you ever wondered how these playlists are compiled? Want a behind the scenes look? Follow me on Spotify, then check out my playlists. There’s a folder called IFIILO. The ones in there are done, and either posted here or ready to be. Above that folder, you’ll see a lot of others titled IFIILO with numbers. Those are works in progress. I usually have around five going.

I listen to music all the time. On commutes, at work, at home. When I find something good, I’ll dump it into a playlist. I usually have a mental note about genres or themes/styles. Like this: #51 is going to have a rock-ish beginning and end with an electronica/dance middle section that segues into some hip-hop. Etc.

Sources? I run thru the Independent Music Monday playlist from the folks at Drowned in Sound every week. That one’s awesome, and pretty Brit. I run thru whatever Spotify’s algorithm puts on my Release Radar. I usually, but not always, run thru my Discover Weekly there. I hit Pitchfork’s Best New Tracks – great, but not as current or populated as it could be. (Hey, P4k, hmu. I’d be excited to update for you.) I used to follow a few other weeklies, but they weren’t current. Oh, and I try to get to Warp Records’ Selections playlist for beat-centric, EDM/IDM material.

And then there’s all the older stuff that I know and rediscover, or just stumble across. A good example here is the Blur track, “No Monsters in Me.” It’s on the reissue of their 1995 masterpiece The Great Escape because it was recorded during those sessions. It’s kinda too grungy for sneery TGE, but too sneery for the self-titled grungy follow-up. (That’s what’s neat about reissues. The leftovers are often interesting and transitional. And, fyi, there will be plenty of Blur in the next few weeks because I’ve mined all the reissues for gems. Fwiw, the last two records aren’t that great.)

The Blur track needed something similar after it. Smashing Pumpkins? I tried “Quiet,” but it wasn’t quite right. Maybe Elastica? Damo used to date Justine? Perfect. Elastica into Veruca Salt? Sure. And then into some new Shoegaze. And so on.

My point is the “by accident” part. This playlist was supposed to have that rock-ish end, right? There’s only one parameter that I try to obey – 45 tracks. This one started tonight around 70. I moved some tracks, and deleted others, but it was still around 60. The rock-ish end happened to be 15 tracks, so it got cut and dropped into next week’s playlist. Which is currently at 100 tracks. Work to do there. Anyway.

This is a mixed bag. New Sun Kil Moon, The War on Drugs (whoa, an 11-minute Record Store Day release), Real Estate, Amber Coffman (x-Dirty Projectors), Phoenix (!!), Lindsey & Christine (yeah, those ones), Frank Ocean (yeah, that one), Shabazz Palaces, Kendrick, Car Seat Headrest, Circa Waves, Diet Cigs, and Waxahatchee. And some older stuff, natch.

The header image is by @karinkarst on Ello. You should check out Ello. It’s a cool site for visual art, and one of my team members is regularly featured there. Featured, as in I sometimes get emails from Ello with their best stuff, and hers is there. Super cool.

Have great weekends.

More soon,



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