It’s Friday, I’m in love…


Hey, guys. I know it’s not Friday. It’s Monday. This blogpost and associated playlist were ready to go a few weeks ago. But life happened.

Back when I started this playlist project, I mentioned an earlier one. When my best friend and I were getting reacquainted, I sent her a mix cd in the mail every week for an entire year. 52 actual cds (with a fun-flavored pack of gum each package). I had pre-boyfriend game back then that puts my real-boyfriend game and especially my husband game to shame.

There’s part of me that wants to quit with this one. Symmetry or whatever. 52 of those when I was still cool. 52 of these now that I’m not anymore.

Maybe I should make a Spotify playlist for each of the original cds for posterity sake. (I might.) And maybe I should just keep going. Because there’s always music to hear and share – more literally every day.

This time, it’s new and old. A new Sun Kill Moon track leads into some older slowcore.  There’s a new Record Store Day single from The War on Drugs. There’s also new stuff from Real Estate, Amber Coffman (x-Dirty Projectors), the Shins, the Buckingham/McVie Experience, Paramore, Lana + The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Shabazz Palaces, Kendrick, Circa Waves, and Waxahatchee.

Fwiw, that’s the first time that Circa Waves and Kendrick were mentioned in the same sentence.

Have great weeks.

The header image is by Mark Lovejoy (@marklovejoy on Ello). Thanks to him.

More soon. Really, I’m working on stuff besides playlists. But there will be a hiatus for personal reasons.




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