It’s Friday, I’m in love… (The Class of ’87)

0001 (1)

Hey, guys.

Here’s #87. It’s thematic, and dedicated to my best friend and the love of my whole life. (I mean, they all are, but she’ll actually listen to this one.) I met her in kindergarten, and went to school with her each and every year through 1987, when we graduated high school. The header image is the cover of our senior yearbook. We weren’t together-together for any of them, but we were always friends. She was cool and beautiful. I was awkward and notsomuch. Now we’re married. Thanks for finding me, babe.

This one is longgg – eighty-seven tracks (natch), and over six hours. It features songs from 1987, but also songs that were released during our other high school years. There’s alot of bad and good music here – and it’s sorta subjective. I picked some songs that I liked (and mostly still do), but also ones that we couldn’t escape back then by choice or by radio. XRT, B96, the Loop, whatever. The playlist is a snapshot of that era, and it pry completely messed up my Spotify algorithm for who knows how long. Oh, well. Small price to pay to bring you what was the heat, right? (Note: This is all pretty much PG stuff, except for the Lords of the New Church track, which is a hard R. Thanks, Stiv Bators. You’re one of the reasons why people can’t have nice things. And I included it here, so I’m one of those reasons, too. Sorry-ish. Love and body mods are actually cool.)

I usually end these things with Yo La Tengo’s cover of the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love,” but I started with another Cure track, so the last one is something different and special.


To all our classmates, hi. It has been really cool to reconnect with some of you at reunions and via social media. (There’s even a Facebook page, if you’re not aware of it.) I hope you’re all well, and I hope this music brings back memories of younger, more innocent, and more carefree yous.

A heartfelt godspeed to our classmates who are no longer with us.

More soon.


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