31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #30: “Sugar Magnolia” – Barcelona, Spain 10/19/81


December 30 

Sugar Magnolia

10/19/81 – Sports Palace – Barcelona, Spain

Winding up their ’81 European Tour in Barcelona, the Dead pull all the stops out for this super-charged version of “Sugar Magnolia.” The climax is an adrenaline rush of thrashing, white hot distorto-guitars and pounding rhythm. Insane!

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Jerry Bobby

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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #29: “China Doll > High Time” – Providence, RI 4/27/84


December 29

China Doll > High Time

4/27/84 – Providence Civic Center – Providence, RI

Today’s selection is a request from Jamie Goldberg. The back-to-back Garcia ballads call to mind Richmond ’85 (i.e., 11/1/85, Dick’s Picks Vol. 21).

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Stream China Doll on relisten.net HERE, and on YouTube HERE. Stream High Time on relisten.net HERE.

And stream the whole show on archive.org HERE.



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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #28: “Eyes of the World” – San Francisco, CA 5/26/73


December 28

Eyes of the World

5/26/73 – Kezar Stadium – San Francisco, CA

A transcendental “Eyes” that rises from the ashes of a face-melting “Other One” from an epic 3-set show on a gorgeous sunny day at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.

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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #27: “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo” – Binghamton, NY 11/6/77


December 27 

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo

11/6/77 – Broome County Arena – Binghamton, NY

I figured I would squeeze this one in before it is officially release on the next Dave’s Picks in 2018.

Here’s a nice recap from Hal Masonberg, who runs The Hal Blog:

“Spring 1977 is largely considered one of the Grateful Dead’s best tours. So much so, in fact, there’s a 5 show box set that’s just been released by the Grateful Dead and Rhino (the keepers of the Dead’s massive musical vault) this week. But for me, the magic didn’t end with the completion of the spring ’77 tour. It was simply being ushered in by it. The Dead’s fall tour of that same year, followed by the 4-show New Year’s run at Winterland and into the spring tour of 1978, contains some of my favorite shows of all time. The tightness and beauty, mixed with a high rockin’ energy that came to characterize the Spring 1977 tour, only intensified as the year rolled forward. Garcia seemed uncontainable throughout this period: wide grins and guitar-slams so intense and heartfelt you’d think Garcia was trying to make the music reverberate straight through the center of the earth itself. And perhaps it did. The fierceness with which Garcia played throughout this period brought the band to new heights and each and every member of this touring circus rose up to meet Garcia. Sometimes the effect was less ‘tight’ than they had been in the past, but the savage joy that took its place fills me to the core.

One such show was the Dead’s final show of their 1977 Fall tour. The Dead always loved playing New York and the Broome County Arena in Binghamton was no exception. This gig not only closed the tour, but an astounding three-night N.Y. run. The show’s opening MISSISSIPPI HALFSTEP is among the best I’ve ever heard. So much pure energy and storytelling, it threatens to blow the roof off the place.”

And here are comments from John Dwork and Jeff Mattson of the Taper’s Compendium:

“This show is a true classic – one of the better shows from one of the better years. The sound is quintessential 1977: big, loud, tight, exciting, yet tempered, even slow at times, but never truly mellow. The Dead open with what I believe to be the most passionate reading of Mississippi Half-Step I’ve ever heard. It begins as usual, but the concluding jam is to Mississippi Half-Step what 5/8/77 is to Morning Dew. The jam goes on and on, rising higher and higher, going further than the listener expects, further in fact than ever before. The vibe is exultant. It’s obvious that the band knows they’re hot.”

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And stream the whole show on archive.org HERE.


Grateful Dead Live at Broome County Civic Center 6 November 1977

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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #26: “China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider” & “The Promised Land” – Lewiston, ME 9/6/80


December 26 

China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, The Promised Land

9/6/80 – Maine State Fairgrounds – Lewiston, ME

The Dead close a long and excellent first set with a fiery “China>Rider” followed by a bonus, all-time version of “The Promised Land” at an outdoor show on a gorgeous day in Maine over Labor Day weekend.  A teen-aged Steve Liesman, host of CNBC’s Squawk Box and rhythm guitar player for Grateful Dead tribute band, Stella Blues Band, attended that show and made a post on his facebook page about it:  “I was down in front where the New England fans were screaming ‘Yankees suck.’ At the end of China/Rider, Phil keeps playing and Bob turns to him with a quizzical face and I saw Phil mouth ‘Promised Land’ and Bob ran up to the mic to sing.”

Download today’s track HERE.

Stream China Cat Sunflower on relisten.net HERE, stream I Know You Rider HERE, and stream The Promised Land HERE.

And stream the whole show on archive.org HERE.



The Lewiston Daily Sun Google News Archive Search

Stony Brook Press V. 02 N. 02


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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #25 (Bonus Track): “Crazy Fingers” – San Francisco, CA 6/17/75


[Like the last gift forgotten and then found under the tree, here’s a bonus track from ECM. This was his original 12/25 pick, but he accidentally sent his write-up and links to the email group a couple weeks ago. To surprise them, Ed decided to add another track, “She Belongs To Me.”]

December 25 

Crazy Fingers

6/17/75 – Winterland Arena – San Francisco, CA

Something new is waiting to be born. The debut of “Crazy Fingers” and the birth of Jesus. Jerry Christmas. Thanks to Mike Cassetta for requesting today’s selection.

Download today’s track HERE.

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And stream the whole show on archive.org HERE.






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31 Days of Dead 2017 – Day #25: “She Belongs To Me” – Berkeley, CA 6/15/85


December 25 

She Belongs To Me

6/15/85 – Greek Theatre – University of California, Berkeley, CA

“Christmas get her a drum.” This coveted Dylan cover song was performed just 9 times ever – all in the year of 1985 – and deserves the honor of being considered “the” song of that year. Every version the band played was a gift and I can’t think of a better selection for this day of giving. This particular performance of “She Belongs To Me” is part of a show-stealing, double-encore (rare) taken from the middle night of the Dead’s 3-show run at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley which kicked off the band’s 20-year anniversary. In this version, the passion and the intimate vulnerability with which Jerry delivers the lyrics is only surpassed by the graceful beauty of the musical interplay between he and Brent. It is a stunning performance that you wish would never end.

 Download today’s bonus track HERE.

Stream today’s bonus track on relisten.net HERE.

And stream the whole show on archive.org HERE.



Grateful Dead 061585-1-L

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